Mariah Carey Has Another Perfect Mommy Moment With Her Daughter (This Time In JAMMIES!) (PHOTO)

Mariah Carey and daughter Monroe on a cell phone in bed.

Mariah Carey shares another adorbz mother-daughter moment with Monroe.

We're not even a month into the new year, and we're already comfortable dishing out our (totally imaginary) "BEST MOM OF THE YEAR" award to Mariah Carey. Not only did Mariah recently get a precious makeover from her daughter Monroe, but now she's posted a photo of the two having a tickle-fest on Instagram (Mariah even manages to look fresh-faced IN BED #unfair). Dear mommy Mimi, will you PLEASE put out a detailed how-to manual that illustrates how you make parenthood look like a breeze while also looking like somebody airbrushed the ish out of your already perfect skin? We're ready to preorder, thx.

We're sure you don't need reminding that the "Triumphant" singer is not only a mom and an epic music icon, but she's also got that very important full-time judging job on "American Idol." Sure, she probably has an entourage to help her out with those pesky daily tasks (hey, we'd hire a full-time diaper changer if we were her), but you have to admit that there's nothing sweeter seeing a SUPER busy diva demanding the space in her packed schedule to have some QT family time. Aren't moms the GREATEST, guys? Tears are welling in my eyes just thinking about it. BRB, I have a quick phone call to make.

Photo credit: @Mariahcarey