Sadz Miranda Cosgrove Makes Us Sadz (PHOTO)

Miranda Cosgrove looks sad in Hollywood.

Why so serious, Miranda Cosgrove?

Why so gloomy, Miranda Cosgrove? Is it because it's mid-January and everyone's got a case of S.A.D.? (#SADZ too, but in this case, we mean Seasonal Affective Disorder.) Well, you definitely aren't wearing a coat, and you're definitely in Los Angeles, where winter barely exists, so we've deduced that your down-in-the-dumps look can't be weather-related.

Are you still feeling blue over Taylor Swift and Harry Styles' breakup? Did you look at our pictures of Sad Taylor Swift on a boat and you got a little sad yourself? (We can't even look at those pictures anymore -- IT HURTS US.) Or are you still thinking about Lindsay Lohan and Max George from The Wanted and how they're sort of a couple now? Does it pain you to think about "The Cannons"'s future at the box office? If so, WE UNDERSTAND.

Well, anyway, we hope you feel better very soon -- just know that you're loved. (And by "loved," we mean that we're STILL playing Sparks Fly on repeat and re-watching every episode of "iCarly.") Also keep in mind that a little retail therapy never hurt anybody. Go to Sephora, OK? Bask in all that nail polish. YOU'RE WORTH IT!

Photo credit: Splash News