10 Things To Know Now: Rihanna's New Single, Kimye's Due Date + Nicki Minaj's Dream Man

Rihanna's new single, Kimye's baby's due date, and more.

Rihanna's next single, Justin Timberlake's successful comeback, and more in this week's 10 Things To Know Now!

1.) Remember when Rihanna debuted her emotional ballad "Stay" on "Saturday Night Live"? Well, the tune is said to be the official second single from Unapologetic! Let's hope that means a (SEXY!) music video is also in the works! (Billboard)

2.) Justin Timberlake knows how to make a serious comeback! His "Suit & Tie" single could possibly beat his previous "SexyBack" record sales; it's currently expected to sell between 330,000 and 350,000 iTunes downloads by the end of the week. (MTV News)

3.) Let the baby birth date pool commence: Kanye West and Kim Kardashian's baby is due sometime in July. We're betting it's the 4th of July, 'cause that baby already sparks so much attention. (MTV News)

4.) Nicki Minaj spilled all kinds of hints on what she's looking for in a dream man on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show." (Yo single guys, this is where you take some notes.) (VIBE)

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5.) Eve has a heart of gold, guys! She's not only unveiling her new song "Make It Out Of This Town" in honor of the Big Brothers Big Sisters program, but she will also perform it during National Mentoring Month in Washington, D.C. (RapFix)

6.) André 3000 made it VERY clear that OutKast did NOT reunite with Big Boi's appearance on Frank Ocean's "Pink Matter" remix. Now, everyone please resume your prayers that an official reunion happens one day. (SPIN)

7.) Conor Maynard has said he's made peace with all the Justin Bieber comparisons (not the worse person to be compared to IMHO), but he still listed a few reasons why the two heartthrobs are different. (Rolling Stone)

8.) Speaking of Justin Bieber, he says he isn't holding back on anything during his upcoming "SNL" hosting gig  -- that includes Selena Gomez gossip. Can we get an "UH OH" up in here? (Entertainment Wise)

9.) Beyoncé wasn't the only pop star to make GQ's "100 Hottest Women of the 21st Century" list. Check out some other GORG honorees like Britney Spears, Jennifer Lopez, Shakira, and M.I.A., and more. (GQ)

10.) Do you know Miley Cyrus, Cee-Lo Green, or Ke$ha's real name? Take this "Real Names of Celebs" quiz to find out. (FREE ANSWER: Ke$ha's name really is Kesha -- you know, sans the "$" sign.) (BuzzFeed)

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