New Video: Free Energy, 'Girls Wanna Rock'

Watch Free Energy's new "Girls Wanna Rock" video.

Free Energy take the money and run in their "Girls Wanna Rock" video.

It's the middle of January, which means it's freezing, probably raining/snowing, and getting dark at 4pm. So you can imagine how desperate we are for some, nay, ANY reminder of sunshine, SOME SIGN that warmer weather is imminent. Being from Minnesota (and currently residing in Philly), we think indie pop outfit Free Energy know how we feel, which could be why they released such a cheery, spring break-y, irreverent video for their latest single "Girls Wanna Rock," appearing on their sophomore album, Love Sign.

Watch Free Energy's "Girls Wanna Rock" video after the jump.

Kicking off with a set of fun-loving hand claps, Free Energy's latest clip has the band enjoying, simply put, the best day of their lives. As the song dives into a squalling, guitar-driven chorus of "ooohhhs," the boys are harmlessly sunning themselves by a lake, except things get a little cray after they win the lottery in a scratch off game. Suddenly the band is sucked into an avalanche of spending sprees, first on luxury clothes (lots of ironic rings and sunglasses there), then they're chilling in hot tubs with girls on their arm, taking long walks on a beach, and waving their cash around at the camera. Maybe they've run out of money, because they close out the, robbing ATM vestibules. Well, even if they're gonna start pilfering cash trays (don't steal, guys), "Girls Wanna Rock" is just the high-energy kick in the pants we needed to jolt us out of our S.A.D. disorder. Minus the stealing.

+ Watch Free Energy's "Girls Wanna Rock" video.

Photo credit: Free Energy