New Video: Monarchy Featuring Dita Von Teese, 'Disintegration'

Dita Von Teese stars in Monarchy's "Disintigration" video.

Dita Von Teese guest stars in Monarchy's "Disintegration" video.

When you've spent the majority of your career as a burlesque pin-up idol, and, for that matter, a good few years on the arm of Marilyn Manson, perhaps the next logical step is to branch out into music yourself. That's what Dita Von Teese has done, making her singing debut in this steamy clip "Disintegration" from the U.K. electro duo Monarchy.

Watch Monarchy Featuring Dita Von Teese's "Disintegration" video after the jump.

We're usually pretty skeptical of celebrities tossing their hats into the music ring and leaning on their high profile to do the heavy lifting, but, weird, is it just us, or is this track not that bad, by which we mean, kind of listenable, by which we mean, pretty good? Prettteeee, prettteeee good? And that's before we even paid much attention to the video, which, wow, we think we might need to start paying more attention to that whole burlesque thing after watching this one.

The clip, directed by Roy Raz, finds the 41-year-old (Wait, 41 years old? That can't be right. Yiiikes) playing the role of a bored housewife with a rather active imagination. Writhing piles of flesh active, that is.

All in all Dita acquits herself well. The vocals are obviously manipulated heavily, but, stylistically so, and she's got a natural charisma (read: BEAUTIFUL body) that goes a long way. Just going to go check in on those writhing piles of flesh again, BRB.

Watch Monarchy Featuring Dita Von Teese's "Disintegration" video.

Photo credit: Hacan Sound