Star Spotting: One Direction + Adorable Children Equals Nonstop 'AWWWWW' (PHOTO)

One Direction visit Ghana for Red Nose Day.

One Direction stop in Accra, Ghana, to support the U.K.'s Red Nose Day.

We were sure nothing could be more "AW"-inducing than that time One Direction wore color-coordinated pastel sweaters and posed with puppies. But then they had to go and wear matching sailor outfits, become dancing jailbirds, and form a totally cute biker gang. Oh, and let's not forget their entire "Kiss You" video. Today, however, we bring you what is perhaps the most heart-melting, call-your-grandmother-and-tell-her-you-love-her photo yet: One Direction singing and clapping with adorable children in Accra, Ghana.

Participating in the U.K.'s famed Red Nose Day, the "Kiss You" singers traveled to Ghana to meet, dance, and sing with some of the children who receive donations and support from the Comic Relief project. While all the boys were thrilled to participate, Harry Styles (aka one half of what USED TO BE HAYLOR) posted the above photo on 1D's Facebook page with the caption: "Little preview of our incredible time in Accra, Ghana. Comic Relief: Red Nose Day we will always owe you for taking us. Thank you. Harry xx." We know what you're thinking: Maybe we forgot about that time 1D literally wore water wings? Maybe that was cuter than this moment? No -- seeing the bros look so happy giving back to the community probably means that this will be our favorite photo forever and ever. And yours too. Also, matching white t-shirts FTW!

Photo credit: One Direction's Facebook