Video Premiere: Electric Guest, 'The Bait'

Electric Guest dance their way to the top in "The Bait."

Retro-funk duo Electric Guest have a flair for the dramatic. Maybe they've spent too much time hanging out in the L.A. acting scene, or maybe they just really enjoy reliving awkward school plays, but judging by their previous clip for "This Head I Hold" and their newest for "The Bait" (both tracks appear on the band's debut album, Mondo), all we know for sure is that this band just wants to dance. Like, A LOT.

Watch Electric Guest's "The Bait" video after the jump.

Embracing a sound that digs deep into the funk-pop world, bringing to mind names like Bruno Mars, Fitz and the Tantrums, the Flaming Lips, and Scissor Sisters, Electric Guest (Asa Taccone and Matthew Compton) look innocent enough -- but who would've guessed that underneath their unassuming exterior were a couple of closet dance freaks?

Where "This Head I Hold" depicted a montage of silly dance auditions, "The Bait," inspired by Lars Von Trier's film Dogville and choreographed by the French duo I Could Never Be A Dancer, barrels head-first into full-on choreography, with Asa leading a troupe of grubbily costumed dancers in a bouncy, Broadway-friendly routine. "Why can't we find home?" the chorus wonders as Asa & Ensemble roll around onstage. Any minute now we'd expect to see the "Les Mis" cast appear, or maybe "Oliver!" or more likely, with all that newspaper literally lining the stage, "Newsies." We don't know which musical exactly, but it would probably take place in London or Paris, and the characters would have cockney accents regardless of location. (And if it's Dickens, nobody would win at anything in life. Except for Electric Guest -- we think they're doing just great.)

+ Watch Electric Guest's "The Bait" video.

Photo credit: Downtown Records

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