Check Out Paramore's 'Now' Cover Art! (PHOTO)

Paramore share their new "Now" cover.

It's been a WHOPPING two weeks in music comeback news (just in case you're Rip Van Winkling your life away and slept through the new Destiny's Child AND Justin Timberlake songs). There's nothing else we thought we could possibly lose our ish over (we're just SO exhausted from this constant adrenaline rush), but now, after giving us a sneak peek of the song, Paramore has unveiled the cover artwork for their latest "Now" single, which is set to appear on their much-anticipated new album! And it's pretty much "The Only Exception" to freak out some more. (Like how we did that?)

Standing with bassist Jeremy Davis and guitarist Taylor York, frontwoman Haley Williams is wearing an expression that seems to say, "Missed us? WELL THIS SONG IS GONNA BE WORTH THE TWO-YEAR WAIT, AND YOU'LL LIKE IT." We're also loving the artwork's Andy-Warhol-meets-photo filters/graphic design aesthetic. Between this new arty image, the band's upcoming single (hitting iTunes Jan. 22!), and Hayley's striking crimson red hair hue, we'd like to petition that this moment in art history officially be dubbed "The Paramore Period."

Photo credit: @paramore