Song Premiere: Satellite, 'Brooklyn'

Nashville's Satellite has penned an ode to "Brooklyn."

We're always down to hear more about our favorite borough, but Satellite's "Brooklyn" isn't about Jay-Z's new arena. The rootsy song sounds like it'd be more at home in some wild frontier, dueling with outlaws and looking for love in between sarsaparillas. "All I am/ Is another ghost in your bed," frontman Steven McMorran sings on the chorus, before completing the metaphor: "Just give me the chance to bury my dead." With a voice like that, we'd be inclined to give the man a second chance: McMorran eases between cowboy craggy and a keening falsetto, sounding like Bon Iver after a strenuous season of rustling cattle or maybe just wearing a lot of denim.

Listen to Satellite's "Brooklyn" after the jump.

Though they've got New York on their minds, Satellite hail from Nashville. Their Music City roots show in the song's slide guitars and flickering acoustic arpeggios, which gives the group's earnest rock just enough country flavor. Satellite's debut album, Calling Birds, is due March 5 on Descendant Records/Sony Music -- a set that arrives after McMorran made it as a songwriter for artists from Joe Cocker to Celine Dion, NBD. Can we hear "Brooklyn" in Vegas yet?

+ Listen to Satellite's "Brooklyn."

Photo credit: Nathan Winston