The Backstreet Boys Were Great And All, But They Really Could've Used More Ryan Gosling

Ryan Gosling in the Backstreet Boys

Ryan Gosling, lost Backstreet Boy.

While many of you probably can't think of a single thing you'd change about the Backstreet Boys, I certainly can. Know what the Backstreet Boys have been clearly missing all of these years? Aside from a hindsight-fueled time machine that could magically teleport them back to a time when they could've made better hair choices? (Though, to be fair, *NSYNC would also have to spend ample time in said fantasy ship.) Backstreet Boys have clearly been missing Ryan Gosling! (Though, to be fair, everything needs a little more Gosling: "Les Mis" could've used some Gosling, the Golden Globes were absent some highly necessary Gosling, and Ryan Gosling is definitely missing from my bed.)

Ryan Gosling recently revealed that he could've joined the Backstreet Boys (IF. ONLY!), and MTV News, sensing an existential void in the Backstreet-Gosling continuum, swept in to disabuse us of a world in which this is sadly and unfairly not so. Hence, some must-see photos of Ryan Gosling if he were, in fact, the sixth Backstreeter.

If Ryan Gosling were a Backstreet Boy

Everyone knows the cool guy gets the leather jacket and priority boarding.

I'll now leave you to ponder the global impact of a world where Ryan Gosling effortlessly graced the cover of Millennium while I continue to ponder the meaning of being lonely.


* Still funny: "Hey Girl" with Ryan Gosling!

Photo credit: Jive/ Getty Images / MTV News