New Song: The Airborne Toxic Event, 'Timeless'

After a two-year hiatus, The Airborne Toxic Event are back with "Timeless."

It's been a hot minute (around two torturous years, to be exact) since L.A.'s The Airborne Toxic Event released a new record -- and we really mean "torturous," because we doubt the perpetually melancholy five-piece would have it any other way. Last we heard from them, the shoegazey, hyperliterate rock act was at work promoting 2011's All At Once, and now, TATE is readying their third full-length, Such Hot Blood, set to drop this spring. Leading the charge on Such Hot Blood's release is TATE's brand-new, epic single, "Timeless."

Listen to The Airborne Toxic Event's "Timeless" after the jump.

Produced by Jacquire King, the thumping cymbals and roaring guitars in "Timeless" kinda make you wanna just go out and live your #bestlife, but don't be fooled -- the lyrics actually touch upon much heavier subjects like death and feeling one's own sense of mortality. The song's subject matter makes even more sense after learning its origin: Frontman Mikel Jollett lost four family members, including his grandmother, in the span of one year. "I was actually there; I was the first person who found her in the room.... The song is kind of a lament of that," Jollett told Billboard. In "Timeless" he sings, "As she disappeared alone in the darkness/I felt her spirit stay in the room/And I wish that our lives were just endless/ 'Cause it's all too short/ And I'm leaving soon." Some pretty heavy stuff there, guys, but what's that they say? There's no better medicine than creativity? (Yes, we know it sounds cheesy, but wasn't that also your high school chorus teacher's go-to mantra? No? Anyone?)

Listen to The Airborne Toxic Event's "Timeless."

Photo credit: Island Records