Tegan & Sara, Dawn Richard, Girls' Generation + More: 5 Must-Hear Pop Songs Of The Week

It's Tuesday! Time for another round of "5 Must-Hear Pop Songs of the Week"!

This week's roundup includes a ridiculously good cut from a talented Canadian duo's promising new record, some bubbly K-Pop goodness, and a soon-to-be iconic "Real Housewives" dance single destined to become the anthem of our generation. Well, maybe.

Tegan & Sara, Dawn Richard, and more in 5 Must-Hear Pop Songs..

Tegan & Sara, Dawn Richard, and more in 5 Must-Hear Pop Songs Of The Week.

1.) Tegan And Sara, "I Was A Fool"

After premiering their playful, dancey lead single, "Closer," Canadian indie-pop darlings Tegan & Sara are back with a brand-new cut from their upcoming collection, Heartthrob -- and this time, they're going for the heartstrings. Backed by a gentle piano melody and warm, bubbling synth-pop production, the ultra-talented sister act's tender new power ballad sees the duo drifting into slightly more radio-friendly pop territory (no surprise -- they've been listening to Katy Perry and Britney Spears while recording!). But don't get it twisted: They're still the same group, with the same #LoveLifeProblems and angst. "I stuck around/ I did behave, saved you every time/ I was a fool," they sweetly harmonize on the song's instantly anthemic chorus. If the songs we've heard are any indication, Heartthrob may very well be their biggest record yet.


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2.) Dawn Richard, "Return of The Queen"

The war has begun, and Dawn Richard is prepared to hit the trenches with her Hearts (her loyal fanbase). Today, the wonderfully innovative former Danity Kane/Diddy Dirty Money songstress has finally unveiled her long-awaited full-length solo effort, GoldenHeart -- an ambitious, exciting concept record filled with forward-thinking, battle-themed R&B-electro jams. "Return Of The Queen," one of the many cuts crafted with constant collaborator Druski, has Dawn leading the charge toward the throne: "I'm taking back what's mine," she defiantly croons on the spacey, marching number. Make way, 'cause Dawn's coming for the crown.


3.) Girls' Generation, "Express 999"

Girls' Generation already brought the heat with their genre-bending grand opus "I Got A Boy" a few weeks ago. But along with their killer comeback track, the immensely popular girl group also arrived on the scene with a whole new album of K-Pop jams, including current favorite "Express 999." The electro-infused pop production (which conjures some of K-Pop Queen BoA's older work) is a joyous moment of catchy riffs ("Ex-press!"), solid vocals, and slightly retro, '80s synths. For those still hesitant to ride the K-Pop wave, go on and hop aboard. It's fun. Promise!


4.) Flume featuring Chet Faker, "Left Alone"

After making a huge splash back at home in Australia, 21-year-old electronica producer Flume (born Harley Streten) is now bringing his dreamy self-titled debut to the U.K. and, eventually, North America. Now, one of the the collection's greatest cuts is being released as a new single overseas: "Left Alone," featuring fellow Aussie act, Chet Faker. The trippy production -- based around hypnotic layers of synthesizers and stuttering vocal loops -- distorts the senses and sounds like the most magical trip through a washing machine ever.


5.) Kenya Moore, "Gone With The Wind Fabulous"

"Real Housewife of Atlanta" Kenya Moore has claimed that she's often mistaken for Beyoncé. Judging by her debut dance single, "Gone With The Wind Fabulous," it's even easier to see why: "You say I'm crazy/ I say I'm fabulous!" the former Miss USA monotones dryly (that's Miss USA -- don't mix it up with Miss America, or she'll come for you!). Armed with nearly a half-octave of pure, raw vocal talent, the budding chanteuse truly turns up the heat on the dance floor: "Now twirl! Twirl! Twirl! Twirl!" she commands. Joining the grand oeuvre of "Housewives" one-off dance singles -- from Kim Zolciak's "Tardy to the Party" to Danielle Staub's iconic "Real Close" -- "Gone With The Wind Fabulous" is destined to be the new dance anthem for our generation... maybe.


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