Watch Set It Off Cover Destiny's Child's 'Say My Name' (VIDEO)

Watch Set It Off cover Destiny's Child's "Say My Name."

Set It Off covered Destiny Child's "Say My Name," and they NAILED it.

Errrybody's got Destiny's Child fever now that the famous girl group has dropped their BRAND-NEW "Nuclear" track (which will be included on their forthcoming Love Songs "best of" album). And sure, we may be psyched for DC's new song, album, AND upcoming Super Bowl reunion, but now we're busy kvelling over dark pop-punk act Set It Off's cover of R&B classic "Say My Name," filmed for the Glamour Kills Clothing 90's Covers Series.

Watch Set It Off cover Destiny's Child's "Say My Name" after the jump.

To properly cover Kelly, Michelle, and Beyoncé's song, the "Swan Song" singers came armed with a slew of acoustic instruments -- like, three guitars and a pair of bongos (BONGOS!!!). But the boys didn't entirely set aside their punk roots -- in addition to confidently melding danceable rhythm and melody, the guys sprinkled in their own set of rock riffs while lead singer Cody Carson shriek-sang the lyrics. We're generally used to hearing Cody's high-pitched vocals sail through songs like "Breathe In, Breathe Out," but he really kicked his range into a Justin Timberlake-esque falsetto, and OWNED those high notes as though he wrote DC's lyrics himself. Anyway, our only complaint is that Set It Off didn't dress in coordinating outfits like Destiny's Child -- but we suppose some things are best left in the year 2000.

+ Watch Set It Off cover Destiny Child's "Say My Name."

Photo credit: Glamour Kills