New Couple Alert: Lindsay Lohan And The Wanted's Max George

Lindsey Lohan and The Wanted's Max George are a couple!

Brace yourselves: Lindsay Lohan and The Wanted's Max George are (maybe) dating!

We've been bawling in bed for days over the latest string of celebrity breakups (Taylor Swift and One Direction's Harry Styles, Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber, Britney Spears and Jason Trawick -- WHYYYY?), only crawling out to fetch the iPad for more "Lost" reruns and to somberly greet the food delivery guy (#EatingOurFeelings). But when God closes a door, he always opens a window, right? And it just so happens that the window in question is rumored couple Lindsay Lohan and Max George from The Wanted! That's right, we're officially sounding the New Couple alarm (which we just made up -- it sounds like a cross between a foghorn and a screeching cat): Lindsay and Max 4Ever! (Um, or as long as her probation will hold out, anyway.)

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If you'll recall, Lindsay and Max (Lax? Mindsay?) first set sail on love's turbulent waters that fateful November night she, um, punched a fortune-teller (how most love stories begin). Lindsay's legal troubles don't seem to rattle Max, however, who has said, "I love that she can party nearly as hard as we (The Wanted) can." Famous last words, brother...

As meet-cute as their story is, Lindsay and Max's budding relationship is currently getting a 'lil one-upped by her reputation -- anybody read that ultra-revealing, GUH-inducing behind-the-scenes look at the filming of LiLo's latest movie, "The Cannons"? (VH1 brilliantly recapped the best quotes for those of you too busy to read the entire article, or in case you're really bad at reading.) We'll also sum it up for you: Lindsay throws a lot of on-set tantrums. Nonetheless, she IS in a movie, so maybe she'll take Max as her date to the straight-to-cable premiere. Also, there's nothing a little trip to meet Max's parents won't fix. (Actually, aw, that is really cute.)

Well anyway, we wish Lindsay and Max all the best -- maybe some of those meet-the-'rents visits will calm our little LiLo down long enough avoid another jail sentence (today is her 20th court date -- CNN pointed out that she's been in more courtrooms than she has movies!). And if not, there's always conjugal visits.

+ Watch a preview of "The Cannons," starring Lindsay Lohan.

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