New Song: Ryan Leslie, 'Suit & Tie (Remix)'

Listen to Ryan Leslie's "Suit & Tie" remix.

Ryan Leslie spits rhymes on his "Suit & Tie" remix.

The poor internet must be sooo fatigued from all the excitement surrounding Justin Timberlake's big "comeback" jam, "Suit & Tie," and that's not even including the news of his forthcoming album, The 20/20 Experience. It's like, can't a girl get a break?? (Because obviously the internet is a lady, HELLO.) Since "Suit & Tie"'s release, the internet has been ablaze with vehement fan reactions (What did you think? Vote in our poll!), ranging from fainting-on-the-floor-obsessed to slipping-into-a-dark-depression/coma disappointed. But one Justin Stan in particular thought "Suit & Tie" lived up to its hype. Meet singer, producer, and occasional rapper Ryan Leslie, who has proudly hopped aboard what we anticipate to be a very crowded "Suit & Tie" remix train.

Listen to Ryan Leslie's "Suit & Tie (Remix)" after the jump.

Hard as it is to imagine somebody remixing "Suit & Tie" so soon after its release (because you really don't try to "change" Justin and Jay-Z, y'know?), Ryan's rendition sticks closely to the original... but he does add in a few of his own rhymes. That's right: Somehow Ryan Leslie found enough chutzpah to spit rhymes on a song already featuring Jay-Z, a move even Ryan knows is a little, how shall we say, ballsy. Amid Justin's silky ad-libs, Ryan confesses, "Welcome back JT/ Heard you got a record with the homie Jay-Z/ So for me to jump on it -- I must be crazy/ But girl, they’re both married baby, you can date me!" Daaamn, Ryan! Using Justin and Jay-Z's "already taken" marital statuses to pull chicks! #Slick.

Listen to Ryan Leslie's "Suit & Tie (Remix)."

Photo credit: NextSelection Lifestyle Group