Mariah Carey Gets A 'Makeover' From Her Daughter, Proving That The 'Diva' Gene Is Hereditary (PHOTO)

Mariah Carey teaches daughter Monroe how to apply blush.

Mariah Carey's daughter Monroe plays with a blush brush -- SO CUTE.

We hope you're sitting down, because one glance at this photo of Mariah Carey getting a beauty makeover from her 20-month-old daughter, Monroe, will basically turn your bitter little heart into a smouldering pile of cuteness mush. The above triptych totally and perfectly captures Mariah's mother-daughter bond, which we'd love to arrange into a montage set to Joe Cocker's "You Are So Beautiful." Between this photo and that time Mimi invited "Little Mariah" on stage with her in Australia, I'm officially on "awww" overload and have been reduced to singing "The Greatest Love Of All" by Whitney Houston on repeat while tears stream down my face. #NoShame.

The "American Idol" judge shared the adorable photo on Twitter along with the caption, "Beauty school hour 01 lol." While we can only dream of getting schooled on beauty regimes by the one and only Mariah, we're just as content living vicariously through Monroe's all-access pass. And judging by how adept Monroe is at holding that gigantic makeup brush, it's probably safe to say that being a diva is in fact hereditary. AND she's wearing little glasses. What is Monroe trying to do, kill us? Babies in glasses are a whole new level of SQUEEEEE.

Photo credit: @MariahCarey