One Direction's Harry Styles Chills On An Inflatable Chair, Early '00s Flashbacks Ensue (PHOTO)

One Direction's Harry Styles sits on a blow up chair.

Harry Styles relaxes on a bubble chair, inflating our hearts with joy.

When we think of how famous pop stars catch some R&R, we imagine them lounging on fluffy, floating clouds, lolling on beds with one billion thread count sheets, and indulging in giant containers of calorie-free ice cream. On the other hand, it's nice to see One Direction's Harry Styles keeping it real by snuggling into a comfy plastic inflatable chair. (Whatever floats your boat, right? Or in this case, whatever inflates your seat cushion!) Either Harry scored his latest furniture by saving up points from cereal box tops (that's how I got MY inflatable furniture once upon a time!), or his interior designer is a college student. Either way, Styles makes it work.

Looking all kinds of chilled out, the "Kiss You" singer shared the photo on his Facebook (trust us, we know what a relaxed Harry looks like). Sure, Harry looks totally relaxed and happy, but if we had to guess who had the better weekend overall -- Harry or his recent ex Taylor Swift --  we'd posit that Taylor won hands down, what with sitting at a table full of A-listers at the 2013 Golden Globes, while Harry was, well, sitting on a piece of  furniture that deflates. (We're not here to make comparisons or be judgy, but we're JUST SAYIN'.) Back to getting some R&R, looking at Harry's bubble chair is making us feel tiiiired, or maybe that's just the after-lunch energy dip talking -- can a blogger get a bean bag chair in here, STAT??

Photo credit: One Direction's Facebook