Video Premiere: Casey Desmond, 'Bad Habit'

"The Voice" Season 1 contestant Casey Desmond tries to break a "Bad Habit."

You might recognize Casey Desmond's mug from Season 1 of "The Voice." The multi-instrumentalist, singer, songwriter, remix engineer, and fashion designer (because crafting and designing your own costumes = #Superwoman) was a proud member of team Adam Levine. Although she was eliminated (is it too late to petition for a recount?), Casey's been werquing it as a solo artist ever since, which is why we're openly bragging over here (sorry/ not sorry!) since we're premiering her new video, "Bad Habit."

Watch Casey Desmond's "Bad Habit" video after the jump.

Fresh off of Casey's debut full-length album, Déjà Vu, "Bad Habit" is a danceable, electro-pop track that cranks with some seriously '80s Pat Benatar realness. So real in fact, we may or may not have just Googled "'Love Is A Battlefield' Karaoke Track," and shut our bedroom door. But that's another story for another time. And we haven't even gotten to Casey's hair yet, which is clearly an homage to both Adam Ant, as well as the bottom half of Christina Aguilera's dip-dye extravaganza. Either way, Casey's one bad habit you won't need to break. (Ugh, sorry, we know! PREDICTABLE song title references are a punishable offense! But this one was SO prime, you can't really blame us.)

Watch Casey Desmond's "Bad Habit" video.

Photo credit: Casey Desmond