New Video: B.o.B., 'Still In This B****'

Watch B.o.B.'s new video "Still In This B****."

B.o.B. parties down with T.I. and Juicy J in "Still In This B****."

Of all the standout guest appearances on B.o.B's November mixtape, F*** 'Em We Ball (Snoop Lion and Mac Miller to name a few), it might be fair to dub "Still In This B****" the mixtape's standout track. And for good reason: The low-slung clip enlists the aid of T.I. and Juicy J for a slow, creeping, hard-spitting all-star game of that dirty South ish. Apparently it was Bobby Ray's favorite too; he premiered it as the first official video from the mixtape yesterday on MTV.

Watch B.o.B.'s "Still In This B****" video after the jump.

The Georgia rapper, who's certainly not afraid to show off his pop side (he's enlisted the aid of everyone from Taylor Swift to Bruno Mars and Hayley Williams in the past), goes in a considerably less poppy direction here, choosing instead to slow things down and get a little grit under his nails. No need for a pop star to sing the hook either -- Bobby Ray handles those duties himself, thank you very much, with a simple but effective vocal that breaks up the tag team verses. "I'm in my zone I'm feeling it/ Stop blowing my buzz quit killing it/ So buy another round/ They tried to shut us down about an hour ago/ But we still in this b***," he sings. The computerized vocal line hums over a minimal trap beat from Georgia producer Mike Will (who previously worked with Juicy J on "Bandz A Make Her Dance" and produced tracks like Lil Wayne's "Good Kush & Alcohol" and 2 Chainz's"No Lie").

The video is as reserved and toned down as the track, at least as far as "partying in the club with strippers" videos go. It's just another night for B.o.B. and company: buying rounds, "dancing" with "fans," and -- even after they tried to kick them out -- remaining steadfastly "in this b****." Would you expect anything less?

+ Watch B.o.B.'s "Still In This B****" video.

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