New Song: Destiny's Child, 'Nuclear'

Listen to Destiny's Child's new song, "Nuclear."

The day has arrived: Destiny's Child's new song, "Nuclear," is HERE!

It's OFFICIALLY HERE, guys. No, not Justin Timberlake's music -- YET. We're talking about Destiny Child's brand-new single, "Nuclear"!! Was it worth the almost eight-year wait? We're gonna answer that with a gigantic "YUP." Now, let's PUH-RAISE this historic day in 2013 by listening to the new tune on repeat while popping bottles (of apple cider if you're a young'n) as we relish the new song in all its glory.

Listen to Destiny's Child's "Nuclear" after the jump!

The Pharrell Williams-produced track takes on a soft, yet fast-paced hip-hop beat (are we the only ones picking up a "It Takes Two" Rob Bass beat under that smooth chorus?) paired with some stunning harmonies (think "Cater 2 U" style). Sure, "Nuclear," which premiered on Mashable, isn't a total booty bouncer (we still made it work, but that's another story), but let's be real, lots has changed since the trio's heyday.

Based on the song's lyrics," You had your dreams/ And I had mine/ Eyes wide open when we dream together," the ladies appear to embrace their separate paths while still acknowledging their familial closeness; the word "Nuclear" isn't just about chemistry, it's also a metaphor for being like family to each other. So if you're not already crying over the mere joy that THERE'S A NEW DESTINY'S CHILD SONG ON THE PLANET (and an upcoming compilation album, Love Songs, AND Super Bowl Halftime Show performance) you'll be crying over the fact that even after all these years of being apart, they are still (and always will be) each other's BFFs. Now that's Destiny.

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Photo credit: Sony Legacy