Now That Destiny's Child Is Back Together, Maybe 'SNL' Fake Group Gemini's Twin Will Reunite! (VIDEOS)

Destiny's Child's reunion has us hoping for a fake SNL reunion of Gemini's Twin.

Destiny's Child is reuniting -- we hope this means Gemini's Twin will too!

We're still recovering from the brain-breaking news that Destiny's Child is making new music AND will be performing at the Super Bowl Halftime Show! But now that we've caught our breath (not a "Lose My Breath" ref, but it so easily could be), we'd like to take a moment to remember "Saturday Night Live"'s ridiculous and hilarious homage to the R&B divas, Gemini's Twin!

Watch "SNL" spoof Destiny's Child with Gemini's Twin after the jump.

For those of you who don't remember, "SNL" created "Gemini's Twin" to parody Destiny's Child's outlandish outfits and ever-changing lineup. (Destiny's Child even stopped by the show to make fun of themselves, which just proves how well they can take a joke!) "Up All Night" and "Bridesmaids" star Maya Rudolph and "Suburgatory"'s Ana Gasteyer were the main "Gemini" members, with the third slot belonging to a revolving door of guest hosts such as Jennifer Lopez and Charlize Theron. All together, Gemini's Twin parodied Destiny's Child to a ridiculous level with songs like "No Whack Whack." They even ripped on MTV a bit, featuring Gemini's Twin on fake episodes of "MTV Cribs" and "TRL." Now that Destiny's Child is back, we are SERIOUSLY keeping our fingers crossed that Jonette and Brittanica will reunite too. As they say, "It's time to get musicational!"

+ Watch "SNL" spoof Destiny's Child with Gemini's Twin.

Photo credit: NBC