Here's Diddy Posing With Aaliyah, Jennifer Lopez, And Jay-Z For The Ultimate Hip-Hop Flashback! (PHOTO)

Diddy posts an old photo of himself with Jennifer Lopez, Jay-Z, and Aaliyah

What year is it again? Diddy's hanging with Jennifer Lopez, Jay-Z, and Aaliyah!

Y'all are about to take a ride down hip-hop memory lane! Check out this amazing photo Diddy shared of himself hanging with a SUPER young Jennifer Lopez, Jay-Z, and Aaliyah! This picture captures SO MUCH crucial pop culture history: Diddy was still known as "Puff Daddy," Jennifer Lopez was still "Jenny from the block" (ie. when she and Diddy were dating), Jay-Z was probably still "Big Pimpin'" (as in, not yet married to Beyoncé), and Aaliyah was still gracing the world with all of her flawlessness (R.I.P., lady). IT WAS THE BEST OF TIMES. Now, all we need is "TRL" with Carson Daly to come back and Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears to start dating again (not likely), then everything will be right in the world again. #GenerationYFOREVER.

The "Looking For Love" rapper shared the nostalgic photo on Twitter along with the caption "This may be the throwback of the year right here!!" We couldn't agree more. In fact, we think this photo should be hung in its own guarded gallery at the Smithsonian museum so future generations can see what true music epicness looks like... and to study the awkward fashions of the late '90s/early '00s so nobody ever feels compelled to wear chain-link crop tops again.

Photo credit: @iamdiddy