The Buzz On: Dinner And A Suit

MTV gives you the buzz on Dinner And A Suit.

Introducing Dinner And A Suit: our latest pop/rock obsession.

Meet Nashville's Dinner And A Suit. True, it's an unusual name, but stay with us here -- the pop/rock trio's unusually catchy choruses are officially of the "can't-get-out-of-your-head-for-days" variety. We may or may not be listening to their entire debut album, Since Our Departure (independently released), every day, on repeat, and we're pretty sure you'll want to as well -- it's nearly impossible to ignore the melodic oomph of tracks such as "Love Is Risky" and "Too Late."

Listen to Dinner And A Suit after the jump.

Peddling hooky, anthemic jams backed by passionate pop vocals, Dinner And A Suit -- Jonathan Capeci, Joey Beretta and Anthony Genca -- bring to mind a handful of piano-driven pop-rock favorites such as Coldplay, Jack's Mannequin, and The Fray -- but without any of the shmaltz people immediately and unfairly pin on piano-driven pop-rock. In fact, you may have even heard DAAS before if you keep up with "Jersey Shore": The band's "It's Not Over" played in the background as Jenni, Pauly, Sammy, Snooki, Deena, Ronnie, Vinny, and The Situation bid each other farewell in the series finale. (Admit you teared up!)

When they're not soundtracking defining moments in television and garnering a TON of attention from MTVU, the cousins are getting called out by Seventeen as one of the mag's favorite new bands. On their unusual name, the boys told Seventeen, "[Our great-grandma] worked at a suit factory in the early 1900s, and she would take home defective ones that were going to be discarded anyways. Then, she would fix them up and invite people who were homeless and jobless over, cook them dinner, and give them a new suit before they left." (AW.) So, yeah, DAAS might be thiiis close to radio stardom, but we'd be lying if we said our hearts didn't go a little mushy for a band that pays homage to their familial roots. And if their prominent "Jersey Shore" placement is any indication, we're sure we'll be seeing a LOT more from the trio as their career unfolds. Somebody sign these guys, already, jeeze!

+ Listen to Dinner And A Suit's "It's Not Over."

Photo credit: Dinner And A Suit's Facebook