New Video: 2AM Club, 'Too F***ed Up To Call' (NSFW)

Watch 2AM Club's new video for "Too F***ed Up To Call."

2AM Club is sorry for party rocking, you guys.

Some pop stars lose their phones at the club -- but not 2AM Club. "Baby, I love you/ I'm just too f***ed up to call," the band's Marc Griffin sings on "Too F***ed Up To Call," a track about a night out that went from good to epic while their significant others stayed home. Dudes are just being real: How can we hate on that? And 2AM Club's honesty doesn't stop at the chorus: "It's not like I was out at a strip club, unless you consider a strip club a strip club," Tyler Cordy raps. Um... now we're not sure. Maybe Drake knows.

Watch 2AM Club's "Too F***ed Up To Call" video after the jump.

Sounds like the guys might have a reason or two to ditch their partners, making for a mellow soundtrack for anyone who needs a night off. The song's a warm-weather track in the historic tradition of LFO's "Summer Girls," hitting just the right speed to ease off after a long night of feeling 22. The group's relaxed vibe blends Cordy's hip-hop flow with EDM hooks and guitarist Matt Reagan's tropical grooves, which probably sound amazing at a hotel pool just between last call and sunrise while finishing up a drink with a little umbrella in it. The "F***ed Up" footage, an '80s-style home video shot at rooftops and house parties, is as laid-back as the track. One thing though, fellas: Nobody's calling you back after seeing those dance moves. Just being honest. The song hits iTunes on Jan. 22.

+ Watch 2AM Club's "Too F***ed Up To Call" video (NSFW).

Photo credit: RCA Records