Watch Very VH1 For A Live Discussion Of Destiny's Child Reunion, Taylor And Harry And THAT INSANE LINDSAY LOHAN ARTICLE!

UPDATE: Watch the show below. Do not even ASK me how the Amy Poehler / Tina Fey fan fic thing happened. And no, you may not have my Zayn Malik doll. 

Today at 2p.m. ET, I (Tamar Anitai from Buzzworthy -- HI!) will join Very VH1's very excellent Kate Spencer for a riveting, possibly ribald live discussion Very VH1of the biggest pop stories of the week, from Sharon Osbourne and Lady Gaga's beef (we KNOW Gaga loves some beef), the INSANE Lindsay Lohan New York Times article (the most important piece of writing since the damn BIBLE, if you ask me), what REALLY tore apart Taylor Swift and Harry Style's relationship (Taylor's BFF Abigail, probably), the rebirth of Destiny's Child and more, so join us today at 2 p.m. ET for the video chat (because TECHNOLOGY!). Just don't judge my hair. It's humid like woah up here, and we've got a makeup budget of exactly $0.00.

See you soon!

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