New Video: Sarah Jaffe, 'Mannequin Woman'

Sarah Jaffe's new video "Mannequin Woman"

Explore Sarah Jaffe's mysterious, icy world in "Mannequin Woman."

Did you ever notice that, like, people are just made out of energy? *Looks at hands for an hour* Just, like, particles, and atoms and we're all floating around here in space, connected? And that music is just colors and vibrations that you can hear in your dome? That's the vibe we're getting from Sarah Jaffe's hypnotic new video for "Mannequin Woman," taken from her recent The Body Wins.

Watch Sarah Jaffe's "Mannequin Woman" video after the jump.

The track's seemingly minimal video, directed by Richard Krause with Toby Halbrooks and David Lowery, finds the soulful Texas singer winning the world's most epic staring contest; the only thing harder to look away from than her preternaturally glowing ice-blue eyes here are the vapor trails of ghost magic evaporating off her skin like fog on a creepy rainbow lake at dawn.

Sarah herself is especially appealing -- she's readily adopted Robyn's slick Nordic look and cross-pollinated it with Jessie Ware's rich, penetrating vocals and Fiona Apple's introspective moodiness. "Mannequin Woman" is a haunting, Feist-conjuring, jazz-club indie pop that makes you want to explode into a thousand molecules and trail off into the void. That, or  spending the rest of the day chilling in a hip cafe drinking way too much coffee. Either one really -- it's all part of the same universal DNA, man.

+ Watch Sarah Jaffe's "Mannequin Woman" video.

Photo credit: Kirtland Records