Thanks For The Creepy Up-Close Photo Of Harry Styles Sleeping, Zayn Malik! (PHOTO)

Harry Styles of One Direction caught snoozing by Zayn Malik.

Harry Styles looks ADORBZ catching some ZZZs.

Ever wonder what it would look like to wake up next to One Direction's Harry Styles? (We do, like, errrryday.) Well, thanks to his bandmate Zayn Malik, we now have photographic evidence of what Harry looks like deep in slumber (FYI, he looks nothing like the cardboard cutout that "slept" in Miley Cyrus' bed). Can we all agree that the sleeping boy band member is cuter than a panda, koala, puppy, and kitten all put together!? Also, excuse us while we print this pic out and tape it our body pillow. Judge. All. You. Want.

Zayn shared the adorbz (and yet, kinda creepy) photo on Twitter with the caption "Harry wake up !! :D" Not only does this photo prove that the "Kiss You" singer even looks flawless while scoring some REM sleep (look it up, it's crucial), it also shows that Harry isn't losing any sleep after his split from Taylor Swift. Well, now that Taylor Swift's back in the studio -- ("uh oh" is right, guys), we're not so sure anymore. Brother might have to break out the Ambien. Anyway, this picture also reminds us how happy we are not to have roommates anymore, 'cause they have WAY TOO MANY chances to share awkward pictures of us with the entire world. We don't all look as angelically peaceful as Harry Styles, OK? Some of us SLEEP WITH OUR MOUTHS OPEN.

Photo credit: @zaynmalik