Next Up In Beyonce's Amazing Week, Here She Is Taking Blue Ivy For A Swim In The Ocean (PHOTO)

Bey takes baby Blue for a dip in ocean!

Time for another shout-out to Beyoncé, who is officially killing it in all directions! First, she rendered us speechless with her not-human-and-never-could-be postbaby bod on the cover of GQ. Then, we drooled over more Terry Richardson-shot pics from her GQ spread, which further convinced us that Beyoncé is in fact the queen of a beauty-bot tribe. Next, Bey unleashed details of a DESTINY'S CHILD REUNION (how psyched are you for that jelly??), and now, Beyhive has oh-so-casually released a photo of her playing in the ocean with daughter/baby royalty, Blue Ivy. It's simply too much.

As she often does, Beyoncé took to her Tumblr to post this AH-dorable photo of her and Baby Blue. You can't see him, but you and I both know that proud hubby and daddy Jay-Z was probably the one to snap this picture, all while beaming with pride at his stunning family, and -- who are we kidding -- maybe simultaneously formulating a hit rap song in his head. (This photo totally makes us think back to Jigga's "Big Pimpin'" video, ya know?) Aaaand that about brings me to my daily quota of "Carter Family Fantasy Hour." Tune in again next week when we find more excuses to salivate over Beyoncé's GLORIOUS LIFE!

Photo credit: Beyoncé's Tumblr