New Video: Ke$ha, 'C'Mon'

Watch Ke$ha's "C'mon" video.

Ke$ha explores furry culture in her new "C'Mon" video.

It seems perfectly logical that after her Illuminati-driven "Die Young" video, Ke$ha would want to take her follow-up clip in the polar opposite direction. And what is the opposite of pentagrams, crosses, animal horns, all-seeing eyes, sacrificial altars, and various other forms of satanic imagery, you ask? DUH! FURRIES! Still a little cultish, but it's Ke$ha -- weirdness is baked into her DNA. So it should come as a surprise to precisely no one that Ke$ha has a furry fiesta in her new video from "C'Mon" off of her Warrior album.

In case you're unfamiliar with the term, "furries" are adult humans who like to dress up in giant plush animal costumes (giant head and all) like the ones seen in that that borderline awkward dance party in Taylor Swift's "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together" video. Except Ke$ha takes furry culture to a far dirtier place in "C'Mon." Because apparently furries sometimes do more than "just hug." (THINLY VEILED EUPHEMISM!)

Watch Ke$ha's "C'mon" video after the jump.

In "C'Mon," Ke$ha plays a tired and overworked diner waitress (in a wig worthy of enshrinement) who seems to spends her days getting yelled at by rude patrons and the other waitstaff, including a crap boss gratuitously named "Dick." But you know Ke$ha's not one to take any bulls***, so she just up and quits the joint. Bai! Next thing you know, Ke$ha's seen getting into a furry-fueled van and is instantly inaugurated into their clique (because what furry troupe wouldn't want Ke$ha for a member?), engages in a quick orgy "hugging sesh," and takes over the diner where this whole insane tale began. There's also a REAL cat (squee!) and a back-flipping furry cat (like, furry person, not like furry real cat, even though furry cats and real cats are furry, and GOD THIS IS GETTING CONFUSING!), and we'd be remiss not to applaud Ke$ha's Dolly Parton diner look, by the way. Sadly, Ke$ha is never actually seen rocking a furry costume, and maybe that's because she still belongs to the Illuminati -- cults aren't exactly easy to walk away from. FREE KE$HA!!!

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Photo credit: Ke$ha's Facebook