Star Spotting: Rihanna Does The 'Ahoy Matey' Pose, Resembles A Crop Top-Wearing Sea Captain (PHOTO)

Rihanna resembles a ship captain outside the Roxbury.

Rihanna does the "ahoy matey" pose in SEA of cameras! (LOL)

The camera block, or as we commonly refer to it, the classic "ahoy, matey!" pose, is an old favorite among celebrities. Take this photo of Rihanna for example: We know she's probably trying to get the eff out of there while being engulfed by a SEA (GET IT?) of flashing paparazzi bulbs, but the fact that she ends up pulling off a naval salute is pretty great. (We'll take our laughs where we can get them.) To be fair, Rihanna was in "Battleship," AND she is the commander of the Rihanna Navi, obviously, so she does have some experience dealing in nautical affairs.

Rihanna, who is slated to perform at the 55th Annual Grammy Awards (!!), was snapped shielding her eyes while leaving the Roxbury in L.A. In addition to nailing her "AHOY!" moment, we also have to give props to the Slurpee lover for perfectly rocking a "Clueless"-era crop top. Because when was the last time you heard of anybody wearing a light pink baby tee? Probably 1995! Which leads us to our next point: Have you ever met a sea captain with such toned abs?? Stand up and salute THAT.

Photo credit: Pacific Coast News

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