Star Spotting: Adam Lambert Instagrams Neck Porn (PHOTO)

Adam Lambert strikes a pose while performing in Vietnam

Adam Lambert performs on stage, reminding us that he's flawless at any angle. 

Here's just another friendly reminder that Adam Lambert CAN DO NO WRONG. Like, he is allergic to taking a bad photo, and any doubters out there can just kindly refer to this picture, and this one, and this one. Clearly, Adam has the precious gift of looking perfect at any angle, in any light, and in any hair color (#blessed). But the above photo really shuts it down, because it features the most epic neck porn we've ever seen (and yes, necks are a very real thing to be in to -- shout-out to fellow Glambert @therealkimberly for introducing us to the term "neck porn").

The "Never Close Our Eyes" singer shared the photogenic shot on Instagram (AND LOOK! He's wearing another pair of sexy leather arm warmer thingies!) where he looks like he's in the middle of DOMINATING the room. So where do we go from here? Well, first we plan to use this photo as a mental memento anytime we're in yoga and need to go to our happy place. Then, we plan to publish a tastefully done coffee table book only composed of Adam's flawless neck pics. Amazing? Completely. Creepy? You bet. But you don't chose passion projects, guys. They choose YOU.

Photo credit: @realadamlambert

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