Impossibly, The Rest Of Beyonce's GQ Photos Are EVEN Hotter Than The Cover (PHOTOS)

All we can do is stand and applaud you, Beyoncé. You are just the greatest.

OK, guys. Are you sitting down? Because just a single, solitary day after gawking at Beyoncé's underboob'd February GQ cover (which the mag released ahead of time due to its untimely leak -- damn you, internet!), the issue's entire photo spread has since been revealed, AND WE ARE NOT SORRY. That's right, we get to see even more pictures that totally justify Bey's being named the No. 1 Hottest Woman of the 21st Century. SMDH at her beauty, guys. It's an unknowable mystery -- like how many stars are in the universe or how a double rainbow happens. How is Beyoncé so UNBELIEVABLY BEAUTIFUL?

See more of Beyoncé's full set of GQ photos after the jump.


Snapped by our favorite creepy photog Terry Richardson, Bey's spread depicts a sexy football theme, cleverly alluding to her upcoming gig at the Super Bowl Halftime Show, where we seriously hope she'll perform a track from her forthcoming album. Ready for more? On top of her new album and Super Bowl performance, BaddieBey is also performing at President Obama's second inauguration! (Eyes on Michelle, Mr. President.) Oh yeah, and lest you forgot, this woman had an EFFING baby a year ago. OK, yeah, it's decided -- Bey is actually a superhero. There's no other way to explain her perfection. (Plus, she's got the abs for it.) Grab GQ's print edition when it hits newsstands on Jan. 22!

We're positive most dudes wouldn't mind getting tackled by Bey.

Photo credit: Terry Richardson/GQ

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