New Song: A$AP Rocky Featuring Florence Welch, 'I Come Apart' (NSFW)

Listen to A$AP Rocky's unexpected collaboration with Florence Welch, "I Come Apart."

We're just days away from A$AP Rocky's long-anticipated debut album, Long.Live.A$AP, but if you're planning to acquire the album's deluxe edition (and why not? Treat yo self!), then get ready to be the proud owner of "I Come Apart," an exclusive bonus track featuring Florence + The Machine's Florence Welch. Yeah, we get that a collabo between the edgy Harlem rapper and flame-haired indie songstress seems unexpected (we could see it being A$AP Rocky and Rihanna -- which happened!), but you know what? A$AP's flow is made even more poignant by Florence's epic wail, making "I Come Apart" the perfect crossover track.

Listen to A$AP Rocky Featuring Florence Welch, 'I Come Apart' after the jump.

Driven by an atmospheric, almost cinematic beat, "I Come Apart" features vocals by Florence on the hook, and shockingly, some pretty OK vocals by A$AP himself! That said, A$AP really comes to life when he spits rhymes about the pain of separation: "Always fall flat ‘cause you wanna rush/ So we could take it slow/ Separate the highs from the lows/ Separate the evens from the odds/ I just hope you put me back together when I come apart." (Rappers: They're just like us!) Surrounded by lush harmonic layers, Florence echoes A$AP's sentiments: "I come apart, and you keep it together/ I come apart, and I can’t stand the pressure/ In all your grace and fire for me, that I cannot compare/ I come apart, this can’t last forever." Yours is an unexpected, yet supremely impressive collaboration, you two! Look out for Long.Live.A$AP when it drops Jan. 15.

Listen to A$AP Rocky Featuring Florence Welch, "I Come Apart" (NSFW).

Photo credit: Colin Douglas Gray/Getty