Taylor Swift's Super Low-Cut White Dress Is Essentially Saying 'We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together' (PHOTO)

Taylor Swift is clearly living her best life at the 2013 People's Choice Awards.

Things have been a little out in the open for Taylor Swift lately, what with her recent and rather public breakup with One Direction's Harry Styles. I mean, sure, we all more or less saw that coming (he's 18 and she's 23 -- let's be real here), but still, it's never easy breaking up with somebody, especially when you don't have a single spare moment to crawl into bed with your iPad and pour your sorrows into a bucket of KFC. #CelebrityProblems. But if Taylor was feeling sad at last night's 2013 People's Choice Awards, you'd NEVER know it, because her plunging white dress and overall VA-VA-VOOM look was practically screaming "I'm amazing and beautiful and WE ARE NEVER EVER GETTING BACK TOGETHER." Looking stunningly hot at award shows IS the best revenge, no?

Not only did Taylor set the red carpet ablaze last night, but she also won the People's Choice Award for Best Country Artist (even if she kinda had to fight Olivia Munn for it) and presented the award for Best Movie Actress to "The Hunger Games"'s Jennifer Lawrence. Rubbing elbows with Hollywood stars, winning her BILLIONTH award, and looking smashing to boot? Taylor may have had a rough past couple of weeks (we're still getting over our #SADZ looking at Taylor's gloomy boat trip), but she is still 100 percent on her game. On to the next!

Photo credit: Getty Images