Star Spotting: One Direction Ride Scooters, Are Now An Adorable Biker Gang (PHOTO)

One Direction have formed a boy band biker gang!

Remember that scene in the "Kiss You" video when One Direction race around on motorcycles? This photo is like that scene IRL! Well... kinda. The only difference is that these aren't motorcycles; they're scooters. And if you think that scooters are equally badass -- we agree! They're just SO cute and stylish! But don't EVER tell that to the tattooed biker dude you accidentally nudge at a gas station. (Just trust me on this one.)

The 1D blokes shared their photo on Facebook along with the very appropriate caption "Beep beep!" We're not sure how the guys scored these wheels, but we know they can probs afford them, especially since Sony offered them a three-year extension on their contract. That means you have three more years to hear new songs, proudly wear your 1D onesie, snuggle with cardboard cutouts of the boys (we're looking at you, Miley Cyrus), and fawn over even more epically cute photos. We only have one complaint about this picture: WHERE ARE THEIR HELMETS!? Safety before style, guys! It's not like they have to worry about helmet hair, because everyone knows boy band members miraculously NEVER have bad hair days -- it's divine pop law.

Photo credit: One Direction's Facebook