This Dude Is SUPER Happy To Meet Hilary Duff (PHOTOS)

Stranger danger.

Get this, guys. Hilary Duff was spotted by the paparazzi out on the streets of Beverly Hills looking fresh and fabulous (per usual) with her Fiji water yesterday. Doing what? We don't know. Living the dream, probably. Or maybe out buying gifts for baby Luca!

But do you see that guy walking behind her? Yeah. That one with the subtle grin. He's freaking out inside. You know why? He's actually a Hilary Duff fan -- THE BIGGEST -- and he's super excited to be in her presence -- really, really excited. In fact, he's psyched to the point where he just went right on ahead and latched onto her for a quick lil' photo op!

See Hilary Duff and her surprise superfan after the jump.

"Do you know him? 'Cause I don't really..."

Judging by her forced smile and "LOL BUT SRSLY WTF IS GOING ON" side glance, she's not all that comfortable with this new friendship for the ages. Where's your dignity, sir? I think you left it in the Hollywood Hills! Granted, he's not this excited -- but he's definitely playing with fire.

Then again, can we really blame the guy for getting a little overexcited? We already know that Hilary's single-handedly saving the pop music industry (and to a greater extent, the world) in 2013. Maybe he wanted to ask who she voted for in the 2012 election or what Mindy Kaling is like in person? Or perhaps he was inquiring about a possible "Raise Your Voice" sequel. Or maybe he desperately wanted to show off a giant back tattoo with the lyrics to "With Love." OK, that last one may be a bit much, but all we know is Hilary better put out a "Want" ad for a really awesome bodyguard. Can you imagine how much more awesome this pic would be if overzealous guy were getting tackled to the ground??

Photo credit: WENN

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