New Video: Twenty | One | Pilots, 'Guns For Hands'


Twenty | One | Pilots effectively span rock, pop, and dubstep in their "Guns For Hands" video.

Columbus everything-core duo Twenty | One | Pilots really know how to build a sense of anticipation. Just take the latest single off their debut album, Vessel, for example: It's as slow and eerie as the rest of the song itself is exuberant and excitable. But once the frenetic genre mashers finally get under way, they proceed to explode their song into a billion different pieces -- think a musical version of Willy Wonka's candy teleporter. Now, having just released their "Guns For Hands" video, Twenty | One | Pilots demonstrate again how agile they are keeping us caught in a perpetual state of anticipation (there's a lot of quiet discussion in ski masks).

Watch Twenty | One | Pilots' "Guns For Hands" video after the jump.

Twenty | One | Pilots? More like twenty | one | genres; Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun race through a cavalcade of musical styles and moods in the course of a few minutes here, from ascending synth uplift, to indie pop melodicism, with stops on the way for abrasive screaming, a dubby bounce passage, and a hip-hop verse. That's like all of your daily recommended musical food groups represented in one serving.

There's even more of that genre-tripping throughout the rest of Vessel, out today on Fueled By Ramen. Unlike a lot of stylistically schizophrenic acts, TOP manage to pull off each one impressively -- that's why they were one of our picks for the top Artists to Watch of 2013. (They'll also appear at ATW showcase at New York's Highline Ballroom on Jan. 16 with Jessie Ware, Zedd, and Robert Delong). It's a song so good, that we totally forgive them for making us spell out the breaks in their name. #Sacrifices.

+ Watch Twenty | One | Pilots "Guns For Hands" video.

Photo credit: Fueled By Ramen