Beyonce's GQ Cover: Half-Naked, Underboob Situation Like Woah! (PHOTO)

Is this the same Beyoncé who birthed a human child? Because OMG.

Ummm, so we're really having a MOMENT here because holy OMG would you get a load of Beyoncé on the cover of GQ? Sure, Rihanna also looked bangin' (and even a lil' more naked) on her now-famous GQ cover, but let's also keep in mind that Ri didn't push out a live human baby from her womb approximately one year ago. YA KNOW?

Queen B is featured on the cover of GQ's upcoming February issue (out on newsstands Jan. 22), which is aptly themed "100 Sexiest Women of the 21st Century." And by the way, that gets a giant "DUH!!" from us, not only because we're insanely envious of B's sexy underboob, but because we respect anybody who could birth a live baby and still turn it out like that. In fact, we'd posit that Beyoncé is not really a human but is actually the Queen of all fembots, because WTF, no IRL human looks that good, ever. (Well, except maybe this one. Think maybe Beyoncé and Gwen Stefani go to the same hot-mom gym?) Anyway, mazels to you, Jay-Z for having such a BEYutiful wife! And more mazels to you too, Blue Ivy Carter! Your DNA is perfection.

Photo credit: GQ/Terry Richardson