New Song: Willow Smith, 'Sugar And Spice'

Willow Smith possesses an old soul on "Sugar And Spice."

Willow Smith may only be 12 years old (yep, as in not even a teenager yet!), but she's actually about 109 in old soul and wisdom years. Or at least that's what her new song "Sugar And Spice" tells us. Because that ish is poig-NANT! Where did you get all that depth, Willow? She must have watched her dad and brother Jaden Smith in "The Pursuit Of Happyness" like a zillion times or something. OMG, gonna cry just thinking about it.

Listen to Willow Smith's "Sugar And Spice" after the jump.

Doing a complete 180 from her ultra-poppy "Whip My Hair" and her sassed-out "Fireball," Willow's "Sugar And Spice" addresses feelings of ridicule and sadness, and indirectly touches upon the topic of bullying. In a sweet yet somber tone, Willow croons: "I tried to be sugar and spice/ but I’m melancholy and can’t do anything right.../ They wanna puncture me/ And then wonder why I bleed." Oh, and further confirming that Willow is the most musically knowledgeable 12-year-old on the planet, the somber track samples Radiohead's mournful tune "Codex." That's some pretty serious stuff for just a kid, but it's great to see Willow expressing herself in a positive and creative way. Sing on, bb girl, and massive props for being so in touch with your emotions. We're about 100 years older than you and we're still working on that.

Listen to Willow Smith's "Sugar And Spice."

Photo credit: Willow Smith