Here's Harry Styles In Bed With Miley Cyrus (PHOTO)

Here's Miley Cyrus spooning a cardboard cutout of One Direction's Harry Styles!

Before you start hyperventilating, crying, screaming, and tearing phone books in half, you should have already realized that Miley Cyrus is not actually in bed with Harry Styles THE PERSON, but is instead snuggling with a Harry-shaped cardboard cutout. We repeat: IT'S NOT REALLY HARRY. But can we all agree that having a faux One Direction member in bed totally beats a lame body pillow? Also, we are officially intrigued about Miley being the "big spoon" in a cuddle session. #Themoreyouknow.

Posting the hilarz photo to Twitter, the "Rebel Yell" singer jokingly added her two cents to the whole "Haylor" breakup situation that is currently shattering my world (we really think the two should stay together, BTW). As funny as it is, we do have two glaring issues to discuss: First, doesn't Miley have a gazillion adorbz pups to snuggle with -- where's the room? And second, doesn't she already have one DAYUM FOINE, FIT AND GORG fiancé (or husband... we're still looking for official answers on that one) to share the sheets with?! Miley, we know you've got THE WORLD on a string (plus some dogs), but save some celebrity fantasies for the rest of us, PUH-LEASE!

Photo credit: @MileyCyrus