New Video: David Bowie, 'Where Are We Now?'

David Bowie imagines himself as a puppet in his "Where Are We Now?" video.

We're going to take a break from bawling over #Haylor for a minute to cover a very exciting (and historic) development. To start, today is '70s glam-pop singer David Bowie's 66th birthday. (BTW, if you like Adam Lambert or Lady Gaga, two contemporary artists strongly influenced by Bowie, then he should already be high up there on your playlist!) Bowie's rarely been seen in public these days (he even turned down an offer to perform at last summer's Olympic Opening Ceremony), but now, after years of silence, the iconic artist has released a brand-new video called "Where Are We Now?," which will appear on his upcoming album, The Next Day. Slated to drop in March, The Next Day will come a full decade after Bowie's last release -- 2003's Reality.

Watch David Bowie's "Where Are We Now" video after the jump.

Produced by Tony Visconti and directed by Tony Oursler, the video for "Where Are We Now?" shows Bowie as a gloomy, poker-faced puppet while black-and-white scenes of Berlin flash by. Filmed in a German auto repair shop beneath Bowie's old apartment, the lush, pensive track repeatedly wonders "Where Are We Now?" as Bowie looks back on his youthful European days: "Sitting in the Dschungel/ On Nurnberger strasse/ A man lost in time near KaDeWe/ Just walking the dead/ Where are we now?" Perhaps this is a happier birthday for us than it is for him, because if Bowie's reflective words reveal anything, it's that he's feeling a little... aged. But there's nothing like a new album (and if we're lucky, a tour?) to reinvigorate the spirit. Welcome back, Bowie!

+ Watch David Bowie's "Where Are We Now" video.

Photo credit: Iso Records