We Mourn The End Of 'Haylor' With Some Very Sad Photos Of Taylor Swift On A Boat

A post-breakup Taylor Swift, experiencing the existential sorrow of a solo boat ride.

It's difficult to believe, given their (very public) displays of affection and cutie-pie couples-only tattoo sessions, but it appears that Taylor Swift and Harry Styles --"Haylor" to us commoners -- have called it quits.

At least that's what the New York Post's Page Six is reporting, citing a source that says the couple split after an epic spat while on vacation in the British Virgin Islands. And while there's been no official word from either artist's reps, Swift only added fuel to the fire when she tweeted a lyric to her song "I Knew You Were Trouble" … one which pretty much everyone assumed was a final kiss-off to Styles.

So, if Haylor really are over, what are we left with? Well, how about this epically sad photo of Taylor Swift sitting alone on a boat, reportedly taken hours after she and Harry Styles broke up? It basically sums up everything we're feeling inside, and since we want the rest of the world to mourn with us, we've taken the "Sad Taylor" photo and somehow made it even sadder. How? Find out after the jump.

By Photoshopping Sad Taylor sitting with an equally Sad Cat.

By having Sad Taylor witness KimYe's love firsthand.

By making Sad Taylor mope with Sad Keanu.

By having Sad Taylor share her loneliness with the Ikea Monkey.

By putting Sad Taylor on a boat with a smiling Al Roker, who may be crapping his pants.


Photo credit: Jake Hurley / @JHurls23 / MTV News

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