Star Spotting: Niall Horan Gives A Great Side Eye, Bordering On Evil Grin (PHOTO)

Niall Horan throws some stellar side eye in London.

One Direction's Niall Horan has one of the sweetest faces on the planet, which means that even when he tries to throw an intimidating side eye (in this case bordering on evil grin), we're always going to swoon. Because LOOK AT THAT FLAWLESS BOY BAND FACE! Even when Niall's clearly annoyed (or playing a badass jailbird), he's still can't help but look innocently sweet and adorbz. (Like a baby cat. Oh god, don't get us started.) Now, if you want to see side eye we ARE scared of, here's Kanye West's. (Eeeeeeep. Better start practicing in the mirror if you want us to take your glare seriously, Niall.)

The 1D member was snapped arriving to a rehearsal in London looking kinda cranky (yet hunky). Maybe he was feeling grumpy because he stayed up waaay too late watching "Kiss You" on repeat and didn't have time to chug some caffeine in the morning (totally our excuse, BTW). OR maybe he's lost an entire night's sleep trying to understand the recent (reported) news of his BFF Harry Styles' breakup with Taylor Swift. He probably tossed and turned asking, "WHY DID THIS HAPPEN TO THE NICEST, MOST TALENTED, AND BEAUTIFUL COUPLE EVER?!" Just us? But seriously, guys, WHYYY?!

Photo credit: Splash News