New Video: Eve, 'She Bad Bad' (NSFW)

Eve gets dancy under a strobe light in her "She Bad Bad" video.

We may have mixed feelings toward Eve's comeback single, "She Bad Bad" (we're still "Let Me Blow Ya Mind" ladies at heart), but you know we're still crazy happy she's making new music. Because did you know it's been a whole DECADE since Eve's last album? Not only will Eve drop her upcoming Lip Lock album sometime this year (cryptic, we know), but she's also got a brand-new video for the aforementioned "She Bad Bad." We're not sure it's so "good good," but we're still way too happy about Eve's return to be THAT put out.

Watch Eve's "She Bad Bad" video after the jump.

Even though it's not quite "Tambourine," Eve still finds a way to distinguish herself from other lady rappers (something she promises to do over and over in the song's lyrics). Set to a series of strobe light-laden quick cuts that might in fact cause a seizure, the camera lands on Eve just long enough for us to see how BOMB she looks. That, and we definitely caught a glimpse of her werqueing a sparkly leotard likely pulled from J. Lo's touring costume closet. But in the best way possible! And we'd be remiss not to mention that "She Bad Bad" has some serious Azealia Banks vibes (who by the way has been IRL bad!), but you and I both know that Ruff Ryders’ First Lady is the original bad girl. And maybe also Lil' Kim. (No offense to you, and that one time you flipped off the worldM.I.A.!)

Watch Eve's "She Bad Bad" video (NSFW).

Photo credit: Blondie Rockwell Inc