New Video: Kitty Pryde, 'Dead Island' (NSFW)


Kitty Pryde proves she can "bounce in her own crowd" in "Dead Island." 

Kitty Pryde, 2012's third-most-popular internet culture-cipher and think-piece-bate rapper, was one of our favorite breakthrough artists of the year, and for good reason. Her (literally) sparkling new "Dead Island" video is just another a reminder why.

Watch Kitty Pryde's "Dead Island" video after the jump.

The "very-You-Tubeable" Florida rapper's heady sense of internal rhyme and humor is back on display on the new track from her forthcoming D.A.I.S.Y. Rage EP (due at the end of the month). Rapping over a Water beat, the song is a mix of playful allusions: "In front of Cracker Barrel with a red nose like a character in Carols of Christmas/ And here miss, Kitty come and sniff this/ I just want to be like 'Deal With It," Kitty taunts before asserting, "You don't know why all the boys flock to me? B****, draw your eyebrows on then talk to me."

As she says, we're still not able to "discern if she's the wunderkind of underdog," but at the moment it's looking like she'll be a little bit of both for now.

+ Watch Kitty Pryde's "Dead Island" video (NSFW).

Photo credit: Kitty Pryde