Video Premiere: Zedd Featuring Foxes, 'Clarity'

Zedd provides the electro soundtrack for Foxes to beckon her dude halfway around the world.

Zedd, international DJ, producer, musician, destroyer and maker of beats, and one of our 2013 Artists To Watch, cut his teeth the way any EDM superstar should -- by creating an endless stream of original jams and remixes, turning stadiums into dance parties, and getting in good with Lady Gaga. (That last one pretty much ALWAYS works, by the way, but like, nice work if you can get it, you know?) Two of his remixes were featured on the special edition of Gaga's Born This Way album, and we'll see if his work with Gaga ends up on ARTPOP.

In his brand-new "Clarity" video -- it's the title track of his debut album and features Foxes -- two lovers want so badly to be together but... something just keeps them apart. (Been there, brother!)

Watch Zedd's "Clarity" video featuring Foxes after the jump.

Zedd takes a background role in the clip, while Foxes (aka Louisa Allen, the dreamy, brassy, total dime of a British singer known for "White Coats") sings alongside Egyptian pyramids and still manages to remain totally unmussed in the very windy desert. Among the sand and fog, she belts out to her significant other halfway across the world over the twitchy rhythm: "If our love is tragedy/ why are you my remedy?/ If our love's insanity/ why are you my clarity?" THIS, basically. Eventually the couple finds each other, but without spoiling it, sometimes you just can't go back to the way things were, you know? It's both an entrancing clip and a personal reminder to stop the Instagram stalking your ex. There are so many new people out there for us to date! 2013: getting our stuff together.

+ Watch Zedd's "Clarity" video featuring Foxes.

Photo credit: UMG