New Song: New Politics, 'Harlem'

New Politics sing about the hot girls uptown in their new single, "Harlem."

MTV Push alum New Politics first caught our attention via garage rock-inspired songs like "Yeah Yeah Yeah" and "Dignity," tracks that totally catered to our rock-and-roll nostalgia and reminded us of early aughts acts The Vines (remember them?) and Sweden's The Hives. Although they're originally from Denmark, the three-piece rock outfit currently reside in Brooklyn, which essentially means they're not only hot hipsters, but they're hot EUROPEAN hipsters (which is clearly 10 times better). These days, New Politics are hard at work on their sophomore album and have recently released a high-energy, thumping new single "Harlem."

Listen to New Politics' "Harlem" after the jump.

A shouty, rowdy, and at times anthemic rock song, "Harlem" is totally the record that plays in your head after wrapping up a victorious makeout sesh with your crush. (Or, if you're 16, a seriously victorious trip to the DMV to get your learner's permit.) Lead vocalist David Boyd strikes the perfect balance between melodic pop singer and fierce rocker dude as he croons about the hot babes living uptown: "When it gets loud/ I turn it up/ Shake it like a bad girl up in Harlem/ When it's too hot, I light it up." Seriously guys, feel free to crank this one up LOUD. Extra points if you can nail down that makeout sesh scenario, too.

Don't forget to catch New Politics when they hit the road with Twenty One Pilots starting Jan. 19.

+ Listen to New Politics' "Harlem." 

Photo credit: RCA Records

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