James Franco Made A Justin Bieber Video, And It's SO F****ING CREEPY!!!!! OMG!

James Franco does his best Justin Bieber impression.

Er, James Franco? We know how you have a taste for the ridiculous (we had a good LOL when you danced with a cat head for R.E.M.'s "That Someone Is You" video, AND when you appeared on "General Hospital" in 2009, seemingly just for kicks). Talk about having range! But we're having a little trouble digesting your latest project: a homemade impersonation of Justin Bieber's "Boyfriend" video, recently posted (then removed) from WhoSay. And when we say "trouble," we mean we feel almost as violated as the time Jenny McCarthy neck-kissed JB on stage at the 2012 American Music Awards.

Watch James Franco's Justin Bieber "Boyfriend" parody after the jump.

Ignoring the fact that you impersonated an 18-year-old singer (and you weren't on "SNL" or anything -- you did this in your free time), let's start with how you totally mixed up your Bieber eras. With your sideways cap and brushed-forward man bangs (MANGS), you're mistakenly rocking a My World 2.0 look, which, if you had gone a little more "method," you'd know that "bangs" Bieber predates "Boyfriend" Bieber. "Boyfriend" Bieber is of the "Believe" era -- no more sideways haircut and cap, think drop-crotch pants, tank tops, chains, and most importantly, a spiky, tall 'do.

Also, not only is your "Boyfriend" video awkward and a tad voyeuristic, but the way you're skulking around your dimly lit apartment making icky "come hither" faces is just creepy. Like, Patton Oswalt's "Uncle Touchy's Naked Puzzle Basement" creepy. What's more, you seem to have recruited actress Ashley Benson ("Spring Breakers") into this project, which would be endearing since you guys are supposedly dating, but watching her hump the floor, then kind of hump YOU is borderline porny and not exactly helping us keep our breakfasts down this morning. Isn't there something else you could be doing with your master's degree(s)?

+ Watch James Franco's Justin Bieber "Boyfriend" parody.

Photo credit: WhoSay