Video Premiere: Robert DeLong, 'Global Concepts' (VIDEO)

Robert DeLong is a one-man band, dance party, and philosopher in his latest video, "Global Concepts."

Robert DeLong is a DIY kind of dude. With his ethereal brand of EDM, Robert infuses synth, jazz, pop, and even dubstep all into one decidedly, defiantly danceable amalgam. Using drums, keyboards, laptops, drum pads, and pretty much anything else he can get his hands on, Robert creates ornate jams, bafflingly, all on his own. But he's not just about the beats -- he puts his singer/songwriter abilities on proud display in his "Global Concepts" video, Robert posits that music and dance are what unites us all (and as someone who loves a good dance party I can't say I disagree with the man).

Watch Robert DeLong's "Global Concepts" video after the jump.

In the "Global Concepts" video, DeLong plays everything from New Wave keyboards to a seriously hypnotic steel drum, and he sings, reminding us of Owl City if Owl City went SUPER HARD at a weird desert show. While he nearly exhausts himself (it would wear us out) in the sheer act of creating music, Robert finds the strength to philosophize over the busy beat: "Global concepts aren't common the world-round/ But we share a mortal frame/ that if you can hear reacts to every sound/ but no two people move the same." (I feel that.) By the video's end, the entire room's filled with dancers, which I totally get, but what I don't quite get is what took them so long to rush the stage.

+ Watch Robert DeLong's "Global Concepts" video.

Photo credit: Glassnote Records