It's One Direction's 'Kiss You' Video In GIFS!

One Direction take off on the zayn-iest (get it?) road trip ever in their "Kiss You" video. It's also the most shirtless road trip ever and surely their most shirtless music video to date. (Hopefully this marks the beginning of a trend.) There is absolutely zero plot, but who even knows or cares what a plot is or what it's good for when ALL OF ONE DIRECTION IS SHIRTLESS! Surfboard hilarity, jailhouse hijinx, and general '60s madcap malarkey ensues -- that's just what happens when five freewheelin' BFFs G2G! -- and Directioners, take heart in knowing that no girls were kissed in the "Kiss You" video, but Zayn and Harry do share a bit of a snog, which more than makes up for the indignity we suffered by not being invited on this bro-fest video vacay.

Now if you'll excuse us, it's time to enjoy these One Direction "Kiss You" video GIFs by the exquisite T. Kyle MacMahon of

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Credit: Syco/ T. Kyle MacMahon of